Sunday, April 10, 2011

Indonesia - Jakarta, Bali, and Batam Map

For tourist or local people in Indonesia.. especially in Jakarta, Bali and Batam, the updated and i think the most complete and more nicer map is available with their new interface now. Compare to Google map and others map, Streetdirectory Map more colorful and the city map looks more detail. Can see from level 11-13, the maps shows all the buildings and user also can see some house number.

Since we're all know that the traffic in Jakarta is terrible, traffic jam everywhere... Streetdirectory is now provide traffic cameras around Jakarta, and some cameras for Bali too.

For other feature, they launched a blackberry Jakarta map application about a month ago. And they create another one feature called Webpages which their target are companies/businesses. The advantages of Webpages are usually when people want to create a website, they need to pay domain, hosting, web designer to design their web, programmers to build some features and after all are completed they also need to promote their website. With Webpages, Streetdirectory provide all of them and the price is quite cheap. To see more features and more detail about Webpages, you can visit