Saturday, March 1, 2008

Beijing Airport Terminal 3 - The Biggest Airport in The World

Beijing Airport Terminal 3

Those curious to bore a flight from the world’s largest luxury airport can now strengthen their hopes. In February 2008, one such airport is expected to open in Beijing, welcoming the tourists from across the globe to the Summer 2008 Olympic Games. Known as Terminal 3, this height of this single building would beat the combined height of the five of the London’s Heathrow Airport terminals.

Designed within four years, the green aspect of the building absorbs maximum heat from the rising sun due to its south-east skylights whereas the environment-control system reduces the energy utilization and release of carbons. Spread over 245 acres, the building alone cost $2.8 billion, and $4.6 billion is the rough figure of the expenditure made on the required infrastructure. It can lodge around 43 million passengers.